Cabo San Antonio. Villa and tour

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Cabo San Antonio is located at a National Pak Península de Guanacahabibes, In Pinar del Rio Province.

This park begins in Cabo de Santo Antonio and extends to nearby Laguna Grande (Grand Lagoon), including within its borders the mountainous region of Sierra de Órganos which is formed by compact, dark-colored limestone – the oldest rock in Cuba. The park preserves forests of cedar and UNESCO declared it a Biosphere Reserve because of its enormous biogeographic value and its magnificent land and seascapes.

Driving from Pinar del Rio El Cabo San Antonio is at 2 hours and 8 from Havana City. Certainly, it is a far way destination but when you arrive you will be at the western Cuba end.

This destination is excellent for eco-travelers, conservationists, divers and bird watches. This is silence place, just to hear parrots, tocororos, woodpeckers, owls, tody flycatchers and zunzuncitos. This park, with not official settlements, is one of Cuba´s most untouched.

For accommodation, you can stay at Villa Cabo San Antonio, with basic facilities. There are just 1 restaurant and bar but you can eat natural foods.
At 3 km from this Villa you can visit the Roncali lighthouse and at 4 km the new Marina Gaviota, with satellite tv, car rental, bike hire and a small cafe.