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This section is for those who love the food and like to taste every new flavor. Our Cuba Travel Services wants to focus on Cuban cuisine!

The Countess of Merlin, Cuban settled in Paris and very well known then for her social gatherings in the French Capital, wrote a book called ¨Travels to Havana¨ (1840). She told how her opulent Creole family put in their dining table the most select of the Spanish, French and English cuisine, although they preferred the Cuban diet.

They gave the visitors all the European luxury, but they habitually fed with the typical menu of the country. Instead of the Westphalia jam or the roast beef, they surrender to the ajiaco.

The ajiaco is the king of the Cuban cuisine with a typical presentation in the national kitchen. It’s a thick consommé, full of viands and vegetables, and with the greasy, fragrant and paradisiacal intervention of the pork meat. The ajiaco, mixture of ingredients, is symbol and synthesis of Cuba, its people, and its culture.

There is another plate, rice, and beans, that, although they are eaten together, they are cooked separately. The commensal mix them both, puts them together in a plate that can be eaten at the beginning or at the end of dinner even as the only plate. For Cubans, if there are not rice and beans, there is not complete dinner. When you cook them in the same pot, then you get a congrí, which can be served with boiled yucca, seasoned with lemon juice or sour orange and garlic and fried or roasted pork ribs. This plate symbolizes the Cuban Creole food.

The pork meat is considered a divine food in Cuba and it reaches all its magnitude grilled with carbon. The rice and black beans can be also combined with the beef, particularly the ground beef, and especially in its most popular way, which is the Havana ground beef. In this plate the beans are excluded. There is a song that talks about the Cuban cuisine and it says: ¨Rice with ground beef and yucca¨! Another combination is the rice with fried chicken. In this plate the yucca could be substituted with another viand: the sweet potato, fried or boiled, or the malanga and the parboiled pumpkins.

The banana, green or ripen, is another important element of the Cuban cuisine. When it is cooked green it is cut into slices and fried. They are called mariquitas or chicharritas. There is another way of cooking green bananas, which is cut into gross slices and fried, then punched with the hand and refried. They are called tostones, chatinos or tachinos, depending of the region of the country. The ripe bananas can be fried and they become a sweet and delicate flavor.

With bananas, it is possible to prepare many plates. Another one is the fufú, which are green bananas parboiled and transformed into a puree, seasoned with garlic and any other spices, and blended with pork cracklings. This was a plate invented by the black slaves, but it broke the chains and was incorporated into the Cuban menu.

The Cuban cuisine had the same genesis of that culture: it has been integrated by contributions of Spain and other regions. The poor table was conformed, partly, by the Canaries. They left the chickpeas that the islanders ate with corn, and Mojo, a very important dressing for most of the Cuban plates where the viands are included.

From Africa came the forced habit of the slaves of eating corn flour, tender or dry, and in tamales. Even the Chinese brought, more than 150 years ago, their culinary ideas. That is why we also have the fried rice, plate combined with multiple meats and vegetables.

In favor of the Cuban culinary art is necessary to admit the creativity of the cookers. A traveler of the XIX century, the North American Luisa Mathilde Woodruff, wrote that she saw in Cuba already known plates, and she found out, when she tasted them, that those plates were different in a way. Due to that capacity, the Cuban cuisine stands out in the revenues that the country receives from tourism.

A spirit of renovation and variety is perceived in the Cuban recipes. The ability to combine traditional plates with new tastes has propitiated the invention of new plates.

Cubaluxuryhotels wants to offer you information about the most popular restaurants in Havana City:


Check out restaurants that we recommend if you choose our Cuba Travel Services:

-El Templete: Located in the Old Havana, near the Havana Port. This restaurant is specialized in see food and International dishes. The food is just excellent, maybe the best around. 
Address: Ave. del Puerto esq. Narciso López, Habana Vieja

– Paladar La Guarida:  La Guarida is a famous paladar, closed during a period for restoration and now reopened. This place was the scenery of the remarkable Cuban film Fresa y Chocolate.¨ Located in Centro Habana neighborhood  La Guarida offer not just an excellent food, also the experience of its location in a solar Habanero. Some of its dishes are elaborate with Cuban fruits, of delicious taste.
Address: Concordia No.418 /Gervasio y Escobar. Centro Habana.

-Paladar La Cocina de Liliam: Very famous paladar who offer Cuban and International food.  Address: Calle 48 No. 1311, y 15, Playa. Habana. Tel: 2096514

Paladar Le Chansonnier
: Le Chansonnier used to be a French-themed private restaurant. Le Chansonnier is now a haven of contemporary chic with, great music, sensitive lighting, and décor facade.
Calle J No 257, between Calles 13 and 15, Vedado, Habana. Phone: +537 832 1576

– El Aljibe:  Most exquisite Cuban creole food.  Address: 7 ma avenida entre 24 y 26, Miramar, Playa. Habana.

-Café del Oriente: Gourmet restaurant located in the Old Havana.  Address: calle Oficios esquina a Amargura, Plaza de San Francisco.

-Restaurante La Torre: Located in Vedado ( modern Havana)., in the top of a high building. Spectacular  Havana view. Great seafood.  Focsa Building. 17 and F. Vedado. Habana.

La Bodeguita del Medio: For 58 years, La Bodeguita del Medio -founded in 1941 by Angel Martínez- has been the best creole restaurant, a meeting place and inventory of the famous and people in general. It´s a genuine exponent of the Cuban culture. Many personalities have visited it: Hemingway made the Mojito famous, the traditional cocktail of the house; Nicolás Guillén, the roast pork leg; Presidents of States, Nobel Prizes, writers, poets, painters and artists, in general, have left their memories on the walls covered by autographs and photos that revive our history.
Address: Empedrado No. 207, La Habana Vieja. Tel: 78671374

Vuelta Abajo: The name of an important tobacco zone, traditional Cuban food with an interesting twist: it’s mainly based on fruit! One of the most popular dishes is the Pescado al Trapiche Colonial (Colonial Sugar Mill Fish), made with ginger and molasses. Also delicious is the Rollos de Cerdo en Salsa de Mango (Pork Roll with Mango Sauce), beautifully presented and so good you’ll leave the plate spotless. Address: Hostal Conde de Villanueva. Calle Mercaderes No. 202 esq. a Lamparilla, Old Habana.
Open 12 noon – 12 midnight.

The house restaurant, La Paella, has a specialty of Valencian paella which won the International Paella Prize in Valencia. Their young Cuban chef has also triumphed in other contests and is a rather proficient cook. The 68-capacity restaurant is decorated in a traditional Spanish theme, complete with bullfight photos, paintings from that country, historical images and more. 
Address: Hostal Valencia. Calle Oficios No. 53, Old Habana. 
Open 12 noon – 12 midnight.

El Abanico de Cristal gourmet restaurant: Traditional Cuban and International food, specializing in rice. Its paella is deservedly noted as among the best in the city. Address: Hotel Cohiba. Calle Paseo e/ 1ra y 3ra, Vedado. Habana. 
Open 12 noon – 12 midnight.

La Piazza Italian restaurant: Excellent food with a 40-capacity dining area, decorated under a Cuban baseball motif. Many photos of important players from Cuba’s favorite sport. 
Address: Hotel Cohiba. Calle Paseo e/ 1ra y 3ra, Vedado. Habana. 
Open 12 noon – 12 midnight.

La Marina: Very agreeable place, quite down-to-earth with open air and excellent seafood at reasonable prices. With a festive atmosphere, it’s located in Havana’s historic center. 
Address: Teniente Reyes, corner with Oficios. Habana. 
Open 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 midnight.

La Torre de Marfil: Delicious Cantonese dishes in an atmosphere of Chinese traders. Done in gold and red, with antique silverware and hosts of Chinese descent. Prices between $5 and $20 USD. 
Address: Calle Mercaderes between Obispo y Obrapía. Habana. 
Open 12 noon – 12 midnight.

El Aljibe: Very agreeable and popular spot for Cuban food prepared as if it were straight from mom’s pot. They have an all-you-can-eat roast chicken special with black beans and rice for $12 USD, drinks not included. 
Address: 7th Street between 24th and 26th, Miramar. 
Open 12 noon – 12 midnight.

La Carboncita: 
Calle 3a No 3804 between Calles 38 and 40, Miramar, +537 203 0261. Italian Food. The best place for pizza and pasta in Havana.

La Gitana: San Lázaro No.208 entre ¡guila y Blanco, Centro Habana.
Internacional Food. Rates:  from 8 to 14 CUC
Tel: 866 6800
Open every day from 11 am to 12 am

Sociedad Asturiana Castropol :
Address: Calle Malecón No. 107 e/ Genio y Crespo. Centro Habana
Tel: 861 4864
Cuban Food
Rates: from $8.00 to $14.00 CUC
Open every day from 12:00 m to  12:00 pm.

Paladar Viejo Amigo
Address :Dragones 356 e/ San Nicolás y Manrique. Centro Habana
Tel: 8618095
Chinese, Cuban and International food.
Rate: $7 CUC
Open every day from 12 m to 12.00 am.

Paladar San Cristóbal
Address:Calle San Rafael No.469 e/ Lealtad y Campanario. Centro Habana
Tel: 867 9109, 860 1705
Cuban and International food.
Rates: from $8.00 to $14.00 CUC
Open every day from 12:00 m to 12:00 pm.

Casa Cantabria Habana
Address: Neptuno NO. 457 e/ Manrique y Campanario, Centro Habana
Tel: 8612681
Spanish, arabian, chinese food.

Don Remigio
Address: calle 36 No.96 esquina 41 Nuevo Vedado, Habana
Tel: 8818058
Cuban Food.

El Acertijo: 
Address: calle 27 No. 510 e/ E y F, Vedado, Habana. 
Tel: 8311744

Paladar Doña Blanquita
Address: calle  Prado, entre Refugio y Colón, Habana Vieja
Tel 8674958
Traditional Cuban Food.

Italia en Cuba
Address:  Calle 20, No. 721 e/7ª y 9ª, Miramar, Habana
Tel: 2074412, 2125024
Italian food. The restaurant offers more than 140 dishes.

El Cocinero restaurant: Address: Calle 26 S/N, e/ 11 y 13. Habana. National and International Food

Nazdarovie restaurant
: Address: Malecón No. 25 % Cárcel y Pardo, altos. Centro Habana
. Slav Food

La Catedral Restaurant. 
Address: calle 8 % Calzada y 5ta, Vedado, Habana. 
International food.

O`Reilly 304
: Address: Calle O’Relly No. 304, entre Habana y Aguiar, La Habana Vieja. Cuban and International food.

El Litoral:
 Malecón 161, & K y L, Plaza de la Revolución. Habana. 
Italian and sea food.

Habana Mía 7: calle 
Paseo No.7 Altos, & 1ra y 3ra, Plaza de la Revolución. Habana. 
International food.

La Casa: 
Calle 30 No.865 e/ 26 y 41
 International and Cuban, International and Italian food. 
Rate: 15-21 USD

Bom Apetite: 
Calle 11 No. 7210 e/ 72 y 74
 Playa, la Habana. 
International food


La Moneda Cubana: Calle 
Empedrado No. 152 e/ Mercaderes y San Ignacio. Habana.
 International Food


Waoo Snack bar and Restaurant
: Calle L No. 414 e/ 23 y 25, Vedado, Habana. 
International food.

El Divino Restaurant
: Calle Raquel No.50 e/ Esperanza y Lindero, Reparto Castillo de Averhoff, Mantilla, Arroyo Naranjo, La Habana.
International and Creol Food.

Café Laurent
: Calle M / 19 y 21 No. 257, Penthouse, Vedado. Habana. 
Gastronomic interpretation food.

Paladar Sancho Panza
: Calle J No. 508 e/ 23 y 25, Vedado. Spanish, Italian and Cuban food.

Paladar Atelier: calle 5ta No.511 altos, e/ Paseo y 2, Vedado. 
International food.

La Moraleja: 
Calle 25 No.454 e/ Je I, Vedado, Habana. 
International food


Paladar Nao
: Calle Obispo No.1 e/ San Pedro y Baratillo, Habana Vieja. 
International food

Paladar Los Mercaderes: 
Calle Mercaderes No. 207 altos e/ Lamparilla y Amargura, Habana Vieja.
 Cuban and International food

La Divina Pastora: 
Parque Morro-Cabaña, La Habana, Cuba. 
International food

Restaurant Europa: 
Calle Obispo y Aguiar
. Habana. International food.

Doña Eutimia: 
Callejón del Chorro, No. 60 C, Old Havana. 
Cuban Food.

Los Nardos
: calle Paseo del Prado y Dragones. No. 563
. Habana. Spanish, Cuban and International food.

La Calesa Real
: calle Compostela No. 359 E/ Lamparilla y Obrapía
Italian, Cuban and International food.

El Tablao de Pancho: calle 
Zulueta No. 659 e/ Gloria y Apodaca, Habana. 
Cuban and Italian food

Habana 61: Calle 
Habana No. 61 e/ Cuarteles y Peña Pobre
Cuban and International food


El Asturianito: 
Paseo del Prado No. 563 e/ Dragones y Teniente Rey. 
Cuban and Italian food.


El Patio
: San Ignacio, esquina Empedrado, Havana Vieja. Cuban and International food


Habana Gourmet ( Sociedad Astuariana)
: Prado No 309 Esquina Virtudes | Prado No. 309 Corner Virtudes, La Habana 10100, Cuba
Cuban Italian and Fusion food.

La Taberna del Pescador: 
Calle San Ignacio No. 260 e/ Amargura y Lamparilla, Habana Vieja
. Seafood

La Imprenta
: Mercaderes núm. 208, entre Lamparilla y Amargura La Habana Vieja
. Snacks and Grill

Restaurante Jardín del Edén: calle Amargura, Esq. San Ignacio La Habana Vieja, CP: 10100 Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba
International and kosher Food

La Galería
: Calle 19 No 1010, Esquina 12, Vedado, +537 836 3603. Habana.
Cuban and International food. The food really is excellent and the menu is varied and well presented.

El  Carruaje
: Calle 200 No 2104, between Calles 21 and 23, Siboney, (+537 271 4347) . Habana. Fusion food. There are a lot of good main courses, including excellent lamb with red wine

Castas y Tal
: Calle E No 158 B, between Calles 9a and Calzada, Vedado, Habana. (+537 833 1425)
. Cuban and International food. The food is light, fresh and healthy

El Jardín de los Milagros: 
calle 37 no. 817 entre 24 y San Juan Bautista, Nuevo Vedado, Habana.
Cuban and International food.
Rates. 5 CUC- 12 CUC

Café Arcangel: Calle 
Concordia 57 ♢ entre Galiano & Aguila
. Habana.

El Cimarrón: Calle 19 No. 1101 esq. a 14. Vedado | Plaza de la Revolucion, La Habana, Cuba
Cuban Food.

Paladar Venami: Montserrate 435 Esq the Rey Habana, La Habana, Cuba
Tel: 8605156
International and Cuban food

Paladar La Fontana
: 3ra A, esq. 46 #305 (Miramar) La Habana, Cuba
53 7 2028337
Grill and Cuban food.

Porto Habana: 
Calle E No.158 B e⁄ Calzada y 9na Piso 11, Plaza De La Revolución. Habana. Cuban Food. Homemade.

Café Bohemia
: Calle San Ignacio #364, Habana. Located right next to the popular brewery.

Factoría Plaza Vieja: Located at Plaza Vieja.  Snacks, Italian, Cuban and International Food.

Café Macondo: Located at 
Avenida Boyeros e/ 100 y A, Boyeros. Habana.
Teléfono: (537) 647 9544 o (535) 268 5797
Cuban Food
Rate: 7 CUC

El Rum Rum de La Habana: calle 
Empedrado 256 e/ Cuba y Aguiar. Habana Vieja
 Phone (537) 861 0806
International and Cuban Cuisine.

Juana La Cubana: 
Calle 19 No. 1101 esq. a 14. Vedado. Plaza de la Revolución. Habana.
Teléfono: 8319968
Cuban and international food. Rates: 7 CUC

Calle F No. 63 apto 2 e/ 3ra y 5ta, Vedado. Plaza de la Revolución. Habana.Teléfono: 830 6055
International Food

Restaurante ¨Esto No es un Café¨
: Calle San Ignacio No. 58 A e/ O’Reilly y Empedrado. Callejón del Chorro, Plaza de la Catedral. Habana Vieja. Teléfono: 537) 862 5109
Cuban and International Food
Rate:  8-14 CUC

El Chanchullero de Tapas: Calle 
Teniente Rey No. 457A Bajos e/ Bernaza y El Cristo (Plaza del Cristo). Habana Vieja
Teléfono: 5 276 0938
Cuban and International Food

Mamá Inés
: Dirección: Obrapía No.60 e/ Oficios y Baratillo. Habana Vieja
Teléfono: 862 2669. 
Cuban and International food. 
Rates:  8:00 -14 :00 CUC

Los Compadres: 
Calle 66A # 3119, esquina a 4, Habana. Mexican and International food

El Guajirito
: Zulueta #658 altos
. Habana. Cuban and International food

La Mimosa
: Calle Salud No.317 e Gervasio y Escobar. Centro Habana.
Teléfono: 867 1790. 
Italian, Cuban and International Food

Los Nardos: Located 
accross Capitolio
. Spanish, Cuban and International food.

La Barca
: Avenida del Puerto. Habana. 
International Food

Riomar Restaurant: 
3ra y Final # 11, La Puntilla, La Habana. International Food. Sea Food.

Paladar Vistamar: Calle 
Ave. 1ra, entre 22 y 24, Miramar, Habana. Cuban and International food


Paladar Starbien: 
Calle 29 # 205 entre B y C. Habana. 
International Food.

El Portal de Calzada: Calle 
Calzada No 710 entre Paseo y A, Vedado 
(537 833 5008) Creole food.

El Beduino: 5ta Entre 4 y 6 Vedado, La Habana, Cuba
Arabic Food

: Calle 35 | Between La Torre y 24, # 1361, La Habana, Cuba
Indian food

La Divina Pastora: Calle 
Ave Monumental, La Cabaña | Ciudad de La Habana., La Habana, Cuba. Cuban Food

Iván Chef Justo: Calle 
Aguacate #9, Esq. Chacon, Havana Vieja
+53 7 863-9697
05-343-8540. Spanish Food.