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    • Non Touristic Destination: CABO SAN ANTONIO
      Non Touristic Destination: CABO SAN ANTONIO

      Cabo San Antonio is located at a National Pak Península de Guanacahabibes, In Pinar del Rio Province. More info

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    • Non Touristic Destination: MARIA LA GORDA
      Non Touristic Destination: MARIA LA GORDA

      Is the isolated beach of the same name on the south side of the far western tip of Cuba, known as the Peninsula de Guanahacabibes. It is a little more than 300 km (180 miles) by ground transportation from Havana. More info

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    • Old Havana
      Old Havana

      La Habana Vieja (Old Havana) has so much charm that only visiting it, it is possible to capture fully the contrasts, sounds and colors that coexist there. More info

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    • Santa Clara
      Santa Clara

      Santa Clara es la capital de la provincia cubana de Villa Clara (que junto a las provincias de Cienfuegos y Sancti Spiritus formó parte de la antigua pronvincia de Las Villas). More info

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    • Trinidad

      Trinidad –fairly considered a museum city– is one of the cities in the American Continent with the most complete and better preserved colonial architecture areas, considered by UNESCO in 1988 and declared World Heritage. More info

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    • Viñales, Pinar del Río province
      Viñales, Pinar del Río province

      Viñales Valley belong to Pinar del Río province. It is the most western province of Cuba and the land of the best cigar in the world. Here Cuba ends or begins, depending on the way you look at the island. More info

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