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In order to use this web site you must agree to the Terms and Conditions that follow. Once the client begins his travel arrangements through the web site, he automatically accepts these conditions.


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Policy of Privacy

Cuba Luxury Hotels does not transmit to unrelated third parties the personal information you submit on this site when registering or making reservations. However, you agree that Cuba Luxury Hotels may from time to time contact you by email for purposes relating to your reservations, use of this site and related matters, unless you specifically decline such contact through an appropriate email message.

Reservation, changes and cancellations of services: To begin the process of reservations, the client must fill out all the information requested in the identification form.

Each channel of sales or category of products of the web page should have its own procedure for reservation of services. This is indicated in each case. The reservations are made On Line or upon request through an e-mail.

In cases of change of names or other information that do not imply changes of services they must be notified with time to make the necessary adjustments. These changes can only be sent before 15 days of the date of arrival and are subject to confirmation. The agent may not accept the change for his own reasons.

The data registered in the service and insurance vouchers that the client receives upon arrival in Cuba should coincide with the reservation information and the corresponding data of his passport. Cubaluxuryhotels cannot be made responsible for the problems that can arise if the information does not coincide.

The changes of identification that imply changes in the service are summarized and defined in the Changes and Cancellation of Services group.


A 25.00 USD surcharge is made for each change in services that have been confirmed and paid for. These changes can only be informed before 21 days of arrival and are subject to confirmation.

An agent may not accept the changes and in that case the change is considered a cancellation. Cancellations of services confirmed and paid for before 30 days of arrival have a surcharge of 15% of the total payment. Cancellations made 30 days or less and before 15 days have a 30% surcharge. Cancellations made 15 days or less and before 7 days are charged 50%. Cancellations made 7 days or less have a 100% surcharge.

Once in Cuba, services not used voluntarily by the client are not refunded.

Changes in Programs and Activities The possibility always exists that for reasons beyond the control of Cuba Luxury Hotels changes may have to be made in a client's specific reservations. These would normally be necessary because of a service provider's unanticipated inability to provide a particular service, but they might also occur due to weather or other acts of nature beyond the control of Cuba Luxury Hotels. Whenever such changes are required, Cuba Luxury Hotels will consult with the client and offer optional alternative services of equal value. Cuba Luxury Hotels will never refund payment of any amount when changes are beyond its control.


Cuba Luxury Hotels reserves all rights to make modifications and changes to this site at any time as well as to these Terms and Conditions. Should Cuba Luxury Hotels modify or change these Terms and Conditions, you agree, if you continue to use this site, to abide by the changed Terms and Conditions.

Travel Documents

The client is responsible for guaranteeing that the required documents of entrance and departure from Cuba are in order. The corresponding visa, the passport updated and the round trip or continuance trip are indispensable documents for the trip. Cuba Luxury Hortels does not assume responsibility for the problems and/or costs the client must face for not complying with the migratory and customs regulations of Cuba. For more information consult Migratory and Customs Regulations.

The client is responsible for checking and confirming his departure flight listed in his ticket. Cuba Luxury Hotels does not assume responsibility of the costs a client may confront for the loss, delay or postponement of the departure flight. Insurance:

The client must have insurance to protect him for situations such as accident, illness or civilian responsibility, among others, inside the territory of the Republic of Cuba. If the services bought by the client from Cuba Luxury Hotels does not include insurance we recommend he request it specifically. Cuba Luxury Hotels does not accept responsibility for costs that can arise from these situations.

Unforeseen circumstances:

Cuba Luxury Hotels is not responsible for total or partial non compliance of its obligations to the client when these are impossible to fulfils due to unexpected


This agreement is governed by the laws of the Republic of Cuba, and in using this site you agree that any disputes arising from your use of this site will be settled under such laws in the City of Havana, Republic of Cuba.


This agreement to Terms and Conditions for your use of this site is the entire agreement between you and Cuba Luxury Hotels and will be amended or modified only in writing or by changes or modifications that Cuba Luxury Hotels makes to this site.