Restaurants & bars include

Restaurants & bars include

Eggscellence Restaurant: Conveniently located near the air-conditioned lobby, offering delicious a la carte and buffet meals, this restaurant serves up scrumptious international fare.

Sunset Restaurant: If you have been dying to sample authentic Caribbean dishes, make sure you dine at Sunset by the main pool. This is an outdoor sports bar serves up delicious local snacks and delicacies.

Cafe Royalton (24 hrs) Perfectly situated in the air-conditioned lobby area, this bar offers a variety of premium international and local beverages to help you relax and unwind.

El Mojito & Cuba Libre (pool bars) Live it up in luxury in the refreshing pool, and mingle with other guests as our friendly wait staff serve you refreshing cocktails. Savour local and international premium beverages as you relax in paradise.

Daiquiri Bar: Ideally situated on the sun-kissed beachfront, this bar offers you the chance to sample a wide variety of premium local and international beverages as you take in glorious Cuban sunsets.